Orthodontic Emergencies Specialist


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True orthodontic emergencies are infrequent, but you want to know you have an orthodontist who can provide the care you need when they do occur. Joseph Eliason, DDS, MSD, APC, and Kelly Choi, DMD, MSD, at Smile Orthodontics will always provide care when you experience an orthodontic emergency. Smile Orthodontics’ convenient locations in Santa Rosa and Windsor, California, meaning you won’t have to travel far to address your problems. Prioritize your orthodontic care and call or make an appointment online with Smile Orthodontics today.

What are non-emergency issues I can expect from my orthodontics?

While orthodontics generally aren’t uncomfortable, there may be times when you experience discomfort during your treatment. When braces are first applied, you may feel soreness in your mouth, teeth, or jaws. 

You may also experience soreness after adjustment appointments or, if using Invisalign®, after changing to your next set of aligners as your teeth acclimate to their next step in realignment. These aren’t emergencies.

Normal soreness can be alleviated with over-the-counter painkillers or swishing with saltwater. As teeth move, a wire may begin to poke the inside of your cheek; you can adjust the wire using a blunt object like a spoon until you can come in and have the wire clipped. 

What is an orthodontic emergency?

Orthodontic emergencies occur when you’re in intense pain that can’t be relieved using the above solutions or your appliance is broken and jabbing painfully into your cheek with no way to fix it. More rare orthodontics emergencies include trauma or injury to the mouth, teeth, or face or infected gums or other parts of your mouth. 

As soon as these issues arise, call the practice immediately, and Smile Orthodontics will schedule an appointment for you as soon as possible. 

What should I do during an orthodontic emergency? 

First, don’t panic. Orthodontia is very safe, and emergencies are rare. If something feels wrong, identify the problem. Using a mirror, you or a member of your household can look into your mouth to determine the cause of the issue.

Next, determine if you can fix it at home. Using dental wax to cover an offending piece of your appliance can solve many common orthodontic problems. 

If your issue isn’t fixable, or you’re experiencing severe pain, trauma to the mouth or face, or an infection, reach out to Smile Orthodontics immediately.

What if my orthodontic emergency occurs outside of normal office hours?

Smile Orthodontics provides emergency care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. After regular business hours, you will be referred to the appropriate contact information for our doctors, who will talk with you to determine the next steps. 

If the team is unable to solve your immediate issue over the phone, you still need to schedule an appointment during regular business hours to ensure your appliance isn’t damaged or in need of adjustments. 

The team at Smile Orthodontics is here for you at all hours to ensure you receive proper care in an emergency. Call or schedule an appointment online with Smile Orthodontics today to know you’re in the best hands for your orthodontic care.